Imagine a virus so dangerous you have to be tested to know if you have it.

2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Thank you for visiting this website. You can now call yourself a "Church Deacon." Hopefully you will become involved with "evangelical outreach." People saying "NO" to a gene modification experiment are not a small fringe group. Speak up now, or you may never be able to speak up later. Health Freedom is a God given right granted by the United States Consitution. The right to be secure in your person, your papers, and your effects is guaranteed.

Bill Hates the mechanic wants to treat your car with an experimental treatment.

Violation of the Nuremberg Code carries a death penalty - Man unloads on San Diego Board of Supervisors.

Japan withdraws 1.6 millions doses of Moderna Vaccine after discovery of contaminant that reacts to magnets. Announced on Jan 26, 2021. Big drop in stock price next day.

Three Presidents reject covID vaccines - Three Presidents die.

Mexican President Obrador will not let Big Pharma hold Mexico hostage - rejects covID vaccines for kids.

Hear it from an ICU Nurse - how you are being lied to.

Rand Paul confronts and destroys Health and Human Services (HHS) Lawyer - Natural Immunity for covID.

Evil Hospitals are working the money gig - everything is rebranded as covID.

Governor Ron Desantis pulls the rug out from the false covID narrative.

Mandating Vaccines - They are getting desperate

Minnesota Senator Dr. Scott Jensen says "immunity passports" are immoral - If you had covID you are immune.

Apple, Google, Samsung aim to "normalize" vaccine passports with wallet function.

How the Pandemic was orchestrated


Comedian George Carlin - Gerns, Immune System

Texas A&M Cardiologist (Dr. McCollough) warns the vaccine is a bioweapon - vaccine will create super viruses.

Dr. McCollough testifies to Texas State Senate

Messenger RNA technology has been around a long time - it is how you make bioweapons.

If Doctors prescribe Ivermectin they will lose their job. It's not a money maker for the Hospital.

Fact Check - Ivermectin approved for Human Use in 1996 - Media outlets lie.

Tokyo Medical Society recommends Ivermectin.

Alberta Canada Gov't cannot prove covID has been isolated - court case against protester dismissed.

Post Jab Shingles

You can't sue vaccine manufacturer if you have vaccine side effects.

Masking of Children is Child Endangerment.

Child crying over having to wear a mask - Video - It seems demonic.

Milgarm Experiment - explains Covid Compliance.

Virginia Teacher stands up to School Board - Viral Speech.

Fauci gives us the plan - 28 second video.

Doctor calls out CDC at School Board Meeting.

Another Doctor speaks to a School Board - Take the jab and die- Can't give blood after vaccination (except for California)

Yet another Doctor reads a school board the riot act. School Boards are abusing children.

Need Vax to collect Social Security? - Watch Bill Gates Smile.

Pharmacies told not to distribute medications that combat covID (Ivermectin and HCQ)

In Isreal 50 % of infected patients are fully vaccinated.

Mary Tyler Moore - Swine Flu Shot - 1976

Vaxxed II - The Movie - 1 hr 37 minutes

Vaccines contain "Proprietary Ingredients." - Also known as "Trade Secrets."

Graphene Oxide in Vaccines? Could this really be true?

The Magnet Challenge - Frequently magnets will stick to the jab site.

The 2 articles below could explain why magnets are sometimes sticking to the jab site. - Manipulative magnetic nanomedicine: the future of COVID-19 pandemic/endemic therapy. Dec 14, 2020 - Superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine .

Report your vaccine reaction - Real Stories -

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The effect of Lobbyists.

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